Friday, March 26, 2010

Lenten Dishes

Well, just because we are abstaining from meats on Fridays doesn't mean that Catholics can't have "Good Eats". Tonight I got a chance to cook, and wanted to share how I edited Giada's Pizza Pot Pie to be meatless - and it only cost about 10 dollars to feed both of us (and it was absolutely delicious). I hope to share some more meatless dishes in the future, because we generally try to abstain from meat during all Fridays of the year, and I think I"m going to try to start cooking on Fridays as well.

First, you make the tomato sauce, for this simply leave the pancetta out of the recipe:'

Next, start preparing your ingredients by chopping up all the goodies she suggests in her recipe. Just replace the chicken with zucchini (trust me, the zucchini takes in the flavor of the sauce, and ends up being perfecto!):

Add all the ingredients together after a proper simmer:

Cover with pizza dough and add cheese to the top (Romano instead of parmigiana for me!) Don't forget to cut a slit in the top:
Then, just cook, eat and enjoy! Hope everyone's Holy Week goes well.

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mel said...

Looks amazing!! Blessed Holy Week to you and yours. (Word verification is in, delicious or delite. Cool.)