Friday, January 22, 2010

March for Life

Say a prayer for an end to abortion everywhere today! Our parish is having 24 hour Eucharistic Adoration and I'm about to head out for the evening to go to it. More on this later I hope!

One more note, I read this on CNN:

"A fetus is not a life, sorry," NOW President Terry O'Neill told CNN. "And no, nobody's religious conviction justifies taking women's ability to shape their own futures away from them."

Well, as my professors would say in graduate school, we need a citation on that first sentence (about what a Fetus is or is not) and secondly, note the language shift to make it look like we are trying to "take away women's ability to shape their own futures" rather than trying to protect the future of children.

In another language twist, CNN continues to call us "Anti-Abortion" protesters, refusing to use the term pro-life. More prayers tonight!

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R.A.~ said...

This is great that you're actively participating for this cause. Every time I hear abortion-based issues in the news I feel a sense of urgency in getting it abolished!

you'll be in my prayers :)
keep up the good fight!