Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Torturing in the Womb

Catholic Online posted a good thought provoking piece where they praise President Obama for signing executive orders ending torture, but also question how he can also get rid of protections that prevent the torture and death of infants in the womb.  It's a good piece to really put some things he has done so far into perspective - remembering that he has taken good steps, but is looking to make some unbelievably bad decisions. Pray for him.

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Greg said...

Outstanding article! Thanks for posting.

And as a side note, I thought you and your readers might be interested in a site called "Catholic Culture." I think you may have to register to view stuff, but it is free. They do cool site reviews of various Catholic resources. I noticed that the site where this article was obtained can potentially be a dangerous site. Check it out:

I personally love Catholic Culture for many reasons but especially for the site reviews. It has helped me out more than once in researching suspect and supposedly Catholic reference and such.